the ghost returns, an old fave that fans loved

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Album ArtworkGhost In the Rain
Released February 22, 2012

01 Vintage
02 Ghost In The Rain
03 Stay With Me
04 Brigitte
05 Perfect World
06 Candy Lips
07 Vanishing Girl
08 Vampyra
09 Cynthia
10 Music Box Doll

It’s been near on 8 years since the release of Ghost In The Rain, the first Alien Skin CD album I released personally (ie non Label). As such it’s a kind memory for me.

I handled the so called ‘marketing’ which amounted to very little as I didn’t have the resources. I did the online order taking, the packing, addressing, filled customs declaration forms for international deliveries and physical mail-outs to people. For the first couple of weeks of its release I was off to my local post office every other day with a batch of flat-pack mailers to post world wide. It became a regular morning routine.

It was exciting for me at the time getting involved at that level and seeing who the real fans were, learning your names. Those were still the days many were inclined to prefer having CD over streaming. The physical product direct from the artist was a real connection between us.

I thought I’d resurrect Ghost In The Rain as a current post with a couple of review links, but more importantly I’ve included such beautiful & humbling comments published online by some of you at the time. I thank you for your generosity.

Stereo Stickman Magazine UK says: “by all accounts, this is one of the most mesmerising and artistic collections of Alien Skin’s to date. This meeting of the other worldly – the bizarre sound effects, the unexpected samples – and the absolute here and now, is beautiful.”

Modern Synthpop Magazine says: “Alien Skin has done what many synthpop artists have attempted but few have accomplished – he has carved out his own unique sound, characterized by beautifully crafted lyrics that create pictures in your mind and songs that are a bit melancholic without crossing the line into excess. I got the impression as I listened to Ghost in the Rain of a seasoned artist who is in supreme command of his instruments and his voice, able to blend the two into perfect, evocative tapestries.”

Read what fans said of ‘Ghost In The Rain’ at the time…

Anne Mahknraer Hi, George! Just enjoying the new CD amid the craziness at work! How are the new album sales going? I’ve been listening to the album repeatedly on my iPod… LOVE it!. I’m really leaning towards “Stay With Me” as my favorite. It’s this complex recipe of sweetness, sadness, and optimism… and of course, it’s definitely your style.

Anna Judson There are soooo many beautiful songs on the CD and I am struggling with the ones I fancy MOST as I seem to fancy all of them for different reasons and moods…..

Patricia Robert Dear George … I’m on my knees before “Ghost In The Rain” and “The Secret Garden”… I’m on my knees before you. Oh my god I love Ghost in the rain, I can’t stop to listen this CD. Your voice is still more beautiful and sensual, than last 2 CDs George !! I’m really addict of you and your music.

HillbillyDix WOW !! The melody, lyrics and vocals gave me chills..this is so very awesome 🙂 really love your music and always exciting to come and listen 🙂

David Lasselle I’m listening your album for several days now (3 to 5 times a day) and i really love it! A mature one, and the voice of Patricia in the very beginning (track 1) is a real pleasure. that’s my favourite one !

Matt Harlow A+++++ George you have touched the deepest recesses of my memories. Very moody and intriguing. Excellente

Stefan Bieri Just will say thank you for this new album and the great music. I received your new Cd Album “Ghost in the rain”! I have listened to the cd and it sounds amazing,i love it, very nice voice and also the arrangements are perfect, congratulation George! I wish you a lot of sale of this new Cd and continued much success for your project.

alex coitus Vanishing Girl from gost in the rain is one of the best passionate tunes i’ve ever heard!!!

Chuck Frey, Modern Synth magazineGeorge, this is a stunningly beautiful album – an absolute delight to listen to in a quiet spot on a pair of headphones

Valerie Fruger Hi ,I’m living in France and I just discovered your band today and I LOVE your music !!!! I tried to order your cd ” ghost in the rain” cause I listened this morning and I felt in love with this sound !

Eleanor Lacroix Thank you, George… Have listened through a to ghost in the rain a few times now… once again, your music is absolutely delightful again.. thank you so much! El 🙂

Anthony WeaverJust happened across these works; thoroughly enchanted, profoundly mystified

Martha Camarillo I finally got Ghost in the Rain on iTunes!!! Congratulations!!! It’s a great album. Your creations are like good wines, and each time is getting really better. This album feels more mature, versatile. I loved it.

Riff Magos The title song – for those few minutes, I’m taken to another world through your amazing musical tapestry. Very well done, mate

Lorena CappellaroThe first time I heard ghost in the rain.. what most impressed me was the Music.Gee George! I was into an orchestra! with all those sounds so different, sometimes unexpected, unique, and each of them authoritative in their expression, and so in harmony with each others and with the other echoes, breaths, voices, swishes, squeaks, rain and wind on the background .. You are great, George, really! An emperor in your way! I would not choose one song in particular .. I like all of them, each one talks about you ..

Robyn Van Horne I love them all but so far i love Stay with me . the most . I love the rain sound in the background !!! you sound so much like Marc Almond in this . liquidy low voice : ))

Russell Holmes The new album gets better and better.Fave tracks Ghost in the rain and Vanishing girl.

Zoran Putnikovic I love your voice! the title song is an amazing song!

Alucard Maverick I was hooked after the first 30 seconds.

alaina66 Haunting voice and eerie keyboards! I mean this in a GREAT way

William Evans Very nicely done,loved it keep it up!!!!!. The music was captivating and totally mesmerizing

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All titles written and produced by G Pappas for Alien Skin.
Except Track 8 written by G Pappas/I Harpy
Additional vocal Track 1 by Patricia Robert, Track 07 by Deity
Alien Skin 2012. All Rights Reserved

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