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The Hand Maid’s Tale (Under His Eye) is, yes, a take off the TV series of a dystopian scifi future where women are primarily used as concubines.

I skimmed through the original Margaret Atwood novel, which is actually almost nothing like the TV show or its character portrayals.

The greatest achievement of the TV series for me was discovering the song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ and the band that created it, Cigarettes After Sex.

That song, played during the end credits of an episode blew me away. I found it online and played it a perhaps a million times the next day.

It gave spark to my song The Hand Maid’s Tale (Under His Eye), which may sound nothing like it whatsoever, but the impetus to begin something was forced upon me by THAT song, the band, and lyrically…the novel’s theme.

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