The Happiest Face – New Single!

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‘The Happiest Face’ was written in the 1980s and admittedly inspired by Depeche Mode’s ‘Happiest Girl’ which mesmerized me at the time, and still does. Love those unique days!

‘The Happiest Face’ has become my favourite Alien Skin song in a long time. Beauty, I know, is in the eye, ear or mind of the beholder. In this case this inner connection with the song has worm burrowed deep within me for decades. But only now did I get it right. Perhaps living through the most harrowing of personal circumstances at present is colouring my melancholic sense of existence.

I’ve filmed a MUST SEE video to best present the song….includes my creepy introduction from a candle lit mausoleum at the end of the garden. Watch it above.

Just click THIS link to download ‘The Happiest Face’ FREE!

You’re welcome to buy the song if you care to support the making of my work, but that’s your call. Buy it direct from me [below] and make all of what you spend actually count! 🙂

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PS The re-appearing image of ‘the girl’ in the video is my wife from the early 1980s.

Best wishes always,

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